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Tank Corrosion is also a common problem. What is the cause of tank corrosion?  Hydrogen Sulfide is created as a by-product of the breakdown of organic materials in the tank. When dissolved in water it becomes Hydro Sulfuric Acid. Above the water line of the tank the Hydrogen Sulfide rises and mixes with the water vapor in the tank to create Hydro Sulfuric Acid. Tank corrosion can be minimized through routinely maintaining your system. It is recommended that you pump the tank every 3 to 5 years.



The most common problem we find is a clogged filter. The filter on the outlet side of the tank can easily become dirty and clogged. This filter block harmful solids from entering your drainfield but needs to be removed and cleaned to keep the liquid flowing from the tank to the field. Yearly cleaning of the filter is recommended.

Septic Financing

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The goal of septic system maintenance is to ensure the long life of your system and protect public health and safety. Regular maintenance protects your investment by maximizing system life. Amberjack Sanitation offers customized maintenance service and onsite inspection to assure optimal onsite treatment.

All system have a finite life. Even properly used drainfields can become plugged with the by-products of sewage treatment. Misuse can accelerate failure

  • Accumulation of solids in tank can reach drainfield and clog drainfield soils.
  • Excess water use or leaky fixtures can cause system overload.
  • Use of medication and certain household products can inhibit proper function.
  • Inappropriate activities in the soil treatment area can cause compaction of the soils.

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